A view of the mission at 4 North Central Avenue from across the street

The Karis Home for Women and Children

The Karis Home is the women and children’s division of the Baltimore Rescue Mission. The term “Karis Home” means “Grace Home.” “Karis” is the Greek word for “grace.” The Lord burdened us for this ministry back in the 1970’s and like the rest of the Baltimore Rescue Mission, the Karis Home has grown and developed through the years.

The Karis Home is in operation to provide emergency short-term help for homeless women and children. We provide food, clothing, shelter, showers, and a one-hour gospel service each evening. There is no charge for the ladies and children to use the facilities. They are permitted to stay for thirty consecutive nights. If more time is needed, we are able to give an extension on a case-by-case evaluation.

Securing a bed at the Karis Home begins with a phone interview by calling the Karis Home at (410) 342-1323.

A group of women and children on a playground
A woman with her infant child
Women singing in a service at the Karis Home
Women receiving Christmas gifts at the Karis Home